FCE | Tray and lid forming machine

Machine working flow


In order to meet the requirements of packing, shipment and display on sale points – especially by hard discounts – of food and confectionery products in multi packages, CAM has designed and produced the “FCE” forming loading machine.
Starting from two open blanks, to be loaded on two capacious magazines and equipped with centralised glue applicator, the “FCE” packer receives and collects products in the quantity and arrangement required. Products are then placed on the first blank, which will be the base (“tray” type, with high or shaped low edges), forms it with downwards movement and hot-melt glueing of the angles, transfers it in horizontal position under the lid forming station, lifts it up and puts the second blank over, shaping it as a lid.
If required, the assembly of base and lid can be reinforced by additional hot-melt spots. The products to be handled may have regular sizes and shapes (sticks and small cartons, jars, bottles, ampoules etc.), or irregular shapes and low compactness (“pillow” bags, Doypack bags, flat bottom bags for powders and granulates, to be displayed in vertical position, or snacks and chocolate bars in flowpack, to be displayed in flat position or on edge).
Product automatic feeding and collation systems are, therefore, customized. The pack may be in compact or corrugated cardboard (monomaterial pack), with the most economical blank. “FCE” basic machine has a cantilever structure, allowing easy access by the operator to the mechanical movements installed on the front base. The absence of closed structures or panels in the machine lower part makes easy cleaning operations during and after machine running. Engines and main transmission gears are contained in the machine rear-side, separated from the working area.
The package dimensions vary from a minimum of 100 x 25 x 100 mm up to 400 x 200 x 320 mm. maximum. It is also possible to handle packs with different dimensions than the standard range, reaching speeds up to 20 cycles per minute.

Packed products

Machine layout

Size range