SPZ | Integrated case-packing and case-palletizing monobloc

Machine working flow


The new machine maintains unaltered the qualities of both case packers and palletizers, offering an even more compact layout due to the integration of exit facility for the case in the pallet magazine area.The machine has been designed taking into due account overall dimensions, easy access, easy and fast size change-over operations. The machine is specially suitable for Parmaceutical, Cosmetic and food sectors.
The case packing module is fully cantelever structured with clean separation between mechanical and operational groups, the latter comfortably accessible from the operator’s side. A plain, reliable system for forming conveying/closing the cases, combined with the well tested system for stacking/filling the products, makes the machine extremely reliable and fit to operate in particularly demanding environments and conditions. Case closure may take place by means of self-adhesive tape, moistening-type paper or hot-melt glue. Size change-over operations are carried-out by means of a CAM patented system designated by Mechanical Memory®.
The case packer module can be provided with optional additional equipment as follows: taping system with tape application over the entire case perimeter, case coding system, label application system, printers for labels, a.s.o.
The completed carton may be freely overturned on both sides or not be overturned at all, proceeding then towards palletizing area. A belt suitable to lodge a checkweigher for case weight verification and a bar code reader, is fitted in the exit area of the case. A second belt is available acting as a case buffer in event of unexpected stoppage of the palletizer. Case pick-off may take place indifferently by gripper or suction cup systems.
The machine configures the format and as the case dimensions are set, the palletizing modes suitable for that specific case are automatically shown. The format is then coded and stored to be easily retrieved for future convenience. Thanks to the “CNC” a linear interpolation of the axes is possible for ramp acceleration and deceleration to ensure long lasting mechanical parts.
The machine can be equipped with an automatic feeder for empty pallets, an automatic system for exit of full pallet, an automatic feeder for layer pads, a slip-proof glue application unit, additional appliances for products to be palletized (checkweigher, bar coder, printer, label applicator) and also reject systems for faulty products.

Machine layout

Size range